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Hello! Welcome to the website for Right With Words. My name is Astrid de Bruin. Working under the name Right With Words, I provide medical translations from English, French and Spanish into Dutch. When dealing with your texts, I always exercise the greatest possible confidentiality.

As a medical translator, the texts I work on include:


Patient records

Hospital reports, medical files, mental health records, etc.

Medical devices

From guidelines on the use of a new pacemaker for doctors to a self-injection guide for patients.

Patient information leaflets

Medical information leaflets, labelling and summaries of product characteristics.

Professional literature

Clinical trial results, scientific articles, medical publications, etc.

Information texts

Brochures and leaflets on taking part in research or about treatments, and also government information texts.


Medical software, instrument cleaning and disinfection, osteosynthesis materials, pharmaceutical companies etc.

About Astrid

How did it all start?

I got interested in languages and translation when I was at secondary school. So studying at the Maastricht School of Translation of Interpreting (from 1997-2001) was an obvious choice. After completing my studies in Maastricht, I moved to Tilburg to study Communication and Information Sciences. In 2004, I left the Netherlands to take up my first job with tour operator Club Med in Paris. During a sabbatical in Rome, where I learned Italian and worked as a management assistant at leading law firm Freshfields Brückhaus Deringer, Club Med approached me for a position in Brussels. As part of my work as a manager there, I had the opportunity to translate various types of documents, mainly in the field of tourism and management. In 2010, I moved to Seville and decided to focus fully on translating.

Full-time translator since 2010

In 2010, I started working under the name Right With Words – Communication and Translation Services, translating and editing texts in various subject areas, in particular business communications, management, marketing and tourism. Translating texts on these subjects followed on logically from my experience working at Club Med and Freshfields. However, over the years my interest increasingly shifted towards the subject of medicine and my translation work in other areas gradually faded into the background. Various medical courses and many medical translations later, I now work almost exclusively as a medical translator, taking on an occasional marketing or tourism text for variety. I have kept the name Right With Words.


To be a specialist translator, it’s essential to keep up with the latest developments in your field and to keep taking courses. So I regularly attend courses and webinars, both nationally and internationally.

I am a member of the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV), and belong to both the French group and the medical section within the NGTV. I am also a member of the Medical Translation Network (MVN), a network of language professionals specialising in the translation of medical texts. Finally I am a member of Tremédica, an international association for medical translators and editors.


Translation is a customised service. When translating a medical text, I don’t just look at the content of the source text; I also think about which target audience the translation is intended for. For example, a translation may be intended to be read by doctors, patients or an insurance company. I discuss the translation with the customer and we decide whether it’s more appropriate to use professional jargon or simple everyday language.

Consequently, I don’t apply a standard rate for my translations. The rate for a translation is based on various factors, including the type of customer (business or private individual), the level of difficulty of the source text and the type of source file supplied. For a no-obligation quotation, please don’t hesitate to email me at

All my translations are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the NGTV.





Astrid de Bruin MA BTr

Urbanización Los Pinos de Montequinto, Bloque 3 – Piso 11C, 41089 Seville, Spain

+34 633123477

VAT: ESY1217374K